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PSOC4 motor kit (CY8CKIT-037) current limitation | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC4 motor kit (CY8CKIT-037) current limitation

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We are evaluating using the PSOC in our motor application.  The kit is quite nice and well built.  We'd like to test higher current and the power supply is only 24v @ 2.1amp.  The mosfets look pretty heavy duty and should handle a lot more current.  Seems like fuse F2 is the limiting factor being 60V @ 2.5 amp.  Would swapping this fuse be the only thing needed?  Looking at the schematic F1 is unpopulated.  I assume this is so you can buy a holder and put a bigger fuse in and remove the PCB fuse F2?

Also I'd like to ask about the design choices on this board.  The mosfets are IRFU3607PBF which should handle 75V @ 56Amps.  This is a pretty beefy choice for the 2.5amp fuse.  Are there other mosfets that can be recommended?  The problem with IRFU3607PBF seems to be it requires special mosfet drivers like the IR2101.  These IR2101 mosfet drivers then require a 12v power supply which from LM5005MHX/NOPB seems to be a big portion of the overall component count.

Are there any mosfets with built in drivers that can handle around 10amps or drivers that don't require the extra 12v supply anyone can recommend?

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I would suggest you to get in contact with Cypress directly: At top of this page select "Design support -> Create a Support Case" and ask your question. You will be helped by a Cypress engineer.



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I used VNH2SP30 mounted on Arduino-style board (picture attached) which has complete driver in a single chip. You can find them around for $(4-9).


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