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PSoC4: I2C Interrupt | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC4: I2C Interrupt

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Hello Everyone

Can anyone please help me to configure I2C interrupt? In the configuration block of I2C, there is no setting given to configure interrupt. As per my requirement, I need to interface Raspberry Pi as master with PSoC4 as slave I2C. I successfully wrote data from master to slave and read data from slave to master without using interrupt. Please find attached herewith my project of PSoC4 that does this. Now I want to develop the same functionality using interrupt programming. Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards


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Have a look into the generated file I2C_Slave_SCB_IRQ.c (Search for #START). There you will find a stub to insert your interrupt code and a hint how to manage your own code using _StartEx() function.



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C Interrupts, attached.


Regards, Dana.

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