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PSoC4 CSD Tuner problem | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC4 CSD Tuner problem

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I have used CY8C4125AXI.

I want to use tuner for touch sensitivity tuning.

but I have some problem to use tuner for all IDAC setting and Auto-calibration.

when I set the 'compaesation IDAC' disable, It works well.

but I set the 'compaesation IDAC' enable, It works badI have 4 cases.

 1. Compensation IDAC : Disable Auto-calibration : Disable - No problem

2. Compensation IDAC : Disable Auto-calibration : Enable - No problem 

3. Compensation IDAC : Enable Auto-calibration : Disable

signal, base, raw value is 0 also tuning is imposible.

4. Compensation IDAC : Enable Auto-calibration : Enable

at first time I can see the data(signal, base, raw) but when I changed the value(threshold, hysterisis and ETC), all data changed to 0 after that these data not recovered, even I click revert parameters.


how can I use tuner with compasation IDAC option?


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Welcome in the forum!

With auto-calibration enabled the software takes over and sets the parameters to an "optimum" but preventing you from setting them yourself.

Datasheet says:

Tuning method
This parameter specifies the tuning method. Tuning consists of selecting optimal parameters for a given hardware configuration.
There are three options:
 Auto (SmartSense) – This option provides automatic tuning of the CapSense CSD component in supported range of Parasitic Capacitance (Cp) from 5 pF to 55 pF.
This is the recommended tuning method for all designs. Firmware algorithms determine the best tuning parameters continuously at run time. Additional RAM and CPU resources are required in this mode. Use Tuning method “Manual with Run-Time Tuning” or “Manual” if specific tuning is required (strict control of scan time or if Cp is higher than 55 pF).
Important SmartSense tuning may be used with I2C communication, which is specified on the Tune Helper tab, to transmit data from the target device to the Tuner GUI.
 Manual with Run-Time Tuning – This option allows you to manually tune the CapSense CSD component using the Tuner GUI during run-time. Run-time tuning can be done using the Tuner GUI or using the API to change tuning parameters. Tuning parameters are stored in RAM.
To launch the Tuner GUI, right-click on the symbol and select Launch Tuner. For more information about manual tuning, see the PSoC® 4 CapSense® Tuning Guide. Manual tuning requires I2C communication, which is specified on the Tune Helper tab, to transmit data between the target device and the Tuner GUI.
 Manual – This option disables tuning.
Setting to Manual (disabling run-time tuning) does not allow run-time tuning of the component, and all possible tuning parameters are stored in Flash.



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 nshhsn ,

3. Compensation IDAC : Enable Auto-calibration : Disable

To tune the project in manual mode you shroud decrease the both IDACs:  Modulation and Compensation. But note: Modulation IDAC must be >=Compensation IDAC . Also sense clock divider should be tuned (see details in CapSense® Tuning Guide).

4. Compensation IDAC : Enable Auto-calibration : Enable

Can you describe the behaviour in details (your steps)? Can you attach the project?



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you are right.

wrong IDAC Value is cause.

when I changed the IDAC value, Tunner works well

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