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PSoC4 clock accuracy | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC4 clock accuracy

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 Dear all,

I watch psoc4 specification, Seems to be no way plus 32.768KHz crystal oscillator

P0 [6] pin is an input TTL level clock?

I want to control the clock accuracy of 1% or better

Is there any suggestions?


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The PSoC4 has no external low frequency oscillator. You can only use an external oscillator, and route its (TTL or CMOS compatible signal) in via a GPIO. Or you use a high frequency crystal, and tune the ILO with this. There is an AppNote for PSoC3/5 explaining this.

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According to ap note that approach only good to +/- 7.5%, so will not meet

your target of 1%.


Another approach is at production test, use a cal routine -


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