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Psoc 4 - "GPIO controlled in firmware" | Cypress Semiconductor

Psoc 4 - "GPIO controlled in firmware"

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According to the Psoc 4 "Using GPIO Pins" document Ports 4 and higher (P4, P5, P6, P7, etc) cannot be used for routing through the DSI. To be used they must be directly controlled in firmware. 

GPIO in firmware


     I don't see specifically how to do this, if I assign those pins in the topdesign window as a port of pins, then go to the pins assignment window, it complains that P5 (for example) can't be used for routed connections. That would suggest to me that using these windows to control the pins auto use the DSI to route the connections - so how then do I bypass this. I got the impression I have to use these windows so that the uC knows it can use those pins.... 


Can I just use the " GPIO_PRTx_DR " command to directly control those pins? (from the technical manual) 



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You need to remove the "Hardware Connection" in the pin's property dialog. Then you may control the pin by PinName_Write() and PinName_Read().



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I have seen the same error occur even when the "Hardware Connection" option is unchecked when the pin is defined as an input. Redefining the pin as an output causes the error to disappear.

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