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PSOC 4 Firmware Update with Raspberry Pi | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC 4 Firmware Update with Raspberry Pi

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I have a setup where in the PSOC 4 communicates with a Raspi 2 over UART at 115200 bps and that is working flawlessly.

My end goal is to be able to program the PSOC with code on Raspi.

I looked into the bootloader and have understood the implementation on the PSOC 4 part of the equation. Assuming that I develop using the windows IDE and have a hex file output, I need help trying to upload that file from Raspi via UART .

Has any work been done on this front ?
 or can someone help with the Raspi side of code ?




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This will help on PSOC side getting the programming going -


Regards, Dana.

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You need to port the PSoC 5LP's code in the app-note  AN68272 to Raspi, to send the programming data over UART.

In the PC side, you can use CYACD to String image converter that comes with AN68272 and send the string image to Raspi and Raspi inturn bootloades PSoC over UART.




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