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Proximity Sensor not detecting active. | Cypress Semiconductor

Proximity Sensor not detecting active.

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I started with the Low Power CapSense project with tuning. I have a custom CapSense board that I'm trying to run with the two wakeup modes in that project. If there is no touch, put the micro into deep sleep, wake up every ~100 ms to scan the prox sensor, if you get a touch wake up ,scan every ~30ms to update the touch positions. The problem is the board doesn't seem to wake up with the prox. sensor. 

It depends on this function,             proximityState = CapSense_CheckIsWidgetActive(CapSense_PROXIMITYSENSOR0__PROX);

returning a 1 when it sees a touch, but this is always 0.

Any ideas? I'm wondering if I set up the Proximity Sensor right in the configuration.

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Did you perform Tuning on the cap sense? Also your board is not the same as the example. Is your board 6x5 inches? In comparing you settings in the Cap sense component with the example in the PDF you provided. I am sending you the Cap Sense design guide.

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