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Programming external PSoC4 with CYC8KIT-042 | Cypress Semiconductor

Programming external PSoC4 with CYC8KIT-042

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in our application we have designed an electronic board driven by a PSoC4 (CY8C4247LQI-BL483).

We did the software on the CYC8Kit-042 BLE, which allows programming directly from the PC through the on-board PSoC5 microcontroller.


However, is that possible to programm our own PSoC4 using this kit ? I mean, if SWDIO, SWCLK, RST, GND and VDD from the kit and from our own board are wired (and without any PSoC4 board plugged on the pioneer kit of course) does it work ? Or should we afford the MiniProg3 kit ?


Thank you in advance !

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Welcome in the forum, Baptiste!

The Miniprog3 is the professional solution: Housing, cable, plug-in, voltage adjust between 3 to 5V.

The KitProg (Before destroying your -042 PioneerKit get a CY8CKit-043 Prototyping kit) is the cheapest solution, but it might need an external power supply  when using 3.3V peripherals.



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