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Program Cy8ckit-49-41XX, CY8CKIT 49-42XXX | Cypress Semiconductor

Program Cy8ckit-49-41XX, CY8CKIT 49-42XXX

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I can not program the devices CY8CKIT-49-41xx and 49-42xxx, the message is "

01:50:46 PM - Communication port reported error 'Unable to read data from the target device'."

If I have previously programmed devices, but after the upgrade is impossible.

Nor do I appear ports in PSOC Programer and  I deleted and reinstalled the driver devices.



Fixed install driver and PSoC 3 functions as always, great.
(Possibly Problem for the latest update of W10, yesterday morning).
Thank you.


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It would be good to reinstall the Driver of the Usb-serial (

​USB-Serial Bridge Controller ) and ensure that the communication speed is correct (115200) I recommend this video

Thank you very much for the information, the video you'd already displayed.


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