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Problems with UDB PSoc 4 CY8CKIT-042 | Cypress Semiconductor

Problems with UDB PSoc 4 CY8CKIT-042

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Good morning

I'm trying to measure the frequency of a square signal from a sensor, for which I used the counter and PWM module as shown in, when I try to send the value the frequency using the USART module, an error stating that "datapath cells" 4/4 appears. I understand that I can not use more modules and I wonder if Psoc programming must be done in both languages (Graphic and code), or if it can be done only by one of the two; or if there is no solution for UDB use all at the same time, as I also convert ADC and other sensors using SPI or I2C module.


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Welcome in the forum!

There are components made out of UDBs and others that use fixed function blocks. So when using the latter for your project all you want to have may fit into the design.

And Yes, you need to place and wire your hardware and additionally program the hardware using C-language and the provided APIs.



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Can you use the SCB-based UART instead of the UDB-based one?

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you have run out of UDB's; you can also use the Software Only Tx-UART component for sending data out. Works fine if CPU is not overloaded by other tasks.

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