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Problem reading Cyfi radio registers | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem reading Cyfi radio registers

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I'm trying to read the register contents from Artaflex CYRF6936-40LFXC radio modules on reset.

Till recently I used to get zeros from all registers. MISO pin showed a flat zero on CRO, with some abrupt pulses now and then.

I then reread the datasheet and realized that I had left RST pin and one of the two GND pins floating.

Datasheet says I have to connect 0.47uF from RST to VBAT but since VBAT is not available as a pin out from Artaflex module I have connected RST to VCC instead. I have shorted the two GND pins.

After doing this I started getting regular pulses on MISO pin. After 20 days of frustration, this was indeed a Eureka moment for me, so I wanted to read the register contents now.

I was expecting the default values to be read when I used CYFISNP_Read() function to read some registers like IO_CFG_ADR, PWR_CTRL_ADR and most importantly CYFISNP_FileRead() to read MFG_ID_ADR. But I was 0x00, 0xFF and some values in between. Today I removed all connections and reprogrammed the PSoC 4 and now the values are all 0's again.

Can someone please help me identify what I'm missing? 

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Shreesha,

Did you port the CYFISNP stack yourself or are you using the project from Cypress?

The project is available in the Github for download -

This project was developed in Creator 2.2 and I have tested in Creator 3.0. The project works in both the build. We havent tested in other Creator versions. So try using the Creator3.0 . 

Are you in debug mode when you are seeing 0x00 . Can you try using UART and print out the register values instead of checking it in Debug mode ?


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Isn't the answer a bit late?



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