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Problem with CY8CKIT-049 with MiniProg3 | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with CY8CKIT-049 with MiniProg3

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Hello Experts!

I have been using the kit CY8CKIT-049 for quite some time now and have delivered a few successful tasks.

However, there has been a problem with the kits that they can not be acquired by MiniProg3.

I have 7 such kits now - 3 of them just out of the pack - that can not be recognized by MiniProg3 - with Creator and with Programmer.

The MiniProg3 seems Ok because I can still program some older kits.

This is now a real problem, and any help would be highly appreciated


Prerak Sheth


Additional Info: Log from psoc programmer

Program Finished at 4:58:17 PM                                    | 
                                                                  | FAILED! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer
Please, check the following items:
 - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;
 - the correct programming protocol is selected;
 - the correct connector option is selected.
Program Requested at 4:58:13 PM                                   | 
Successfully Connected to MiniProg3/1506DD0002EC at 4:58:07 PM    | MiniProg3 version 2.05 [3.08/2.08]
Opening Port at 4:58:06 PM                                        | 
Device set to CY8C4245AXI-483 at 4:58:05 PM                       | 32768 FLASH bytes
Device Family set to CY8C4xxx at 4:58:05 PM                       | 
Active HEX file set at 4:58:05 PM                                 | C:\Users\prerak\Documents\Code\Integra GSM Alert\GSM_16Bit\GSM_16Bit.cydsn\CortexM0\ARM_GCC_493\Debug\GSM_16Bit.hex
                                                                  | Users must be aware that the following PSoC device should not be powered or programmed at 5V. Doing so will cause damage to the device: CYRF89xxx
Session Started at 4:58:05 PM                                     | PPCOM Version 20.0


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Can you still program it using bootloader host? What device are you using CY8CKIT-049-42XX or a -4100.  Can you post your code so we can check it?

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