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Ploblem of Bootloadable Program | Cypress Semiconductor

Ploblem of Bootloadable Program

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Hello, I am trying to do PSoC5LP bootable program work with Pioneer Kit.

I can build a project and write into P5LP,

According to Pioneer Kit User guide -

6.3.1 Building a Bootloadable project for the PSoC 5LP

After writting a program, P5LP is working as expected.

But, when everytime resetting this, P5LP enter to boot-loading mode.

I can't enter to working mode, never again.

Does anyone knows around this, please let me know.

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If possible (with PsoC4 is it so I think also with PSoC5), program the PSoC with the bootloader+application combined hex file and than debug the bootloader one with the PSoC Creator "debug without programming". Do this to leave the flash with also the application part. The bootloader generated code stays in bootloader mode if the application part of flash isn't as aspected to it, for example with a checksum that doesn't match with one into metadata part of flash (half of last flash row). Tracing bootloader after a reset catch the reason for application start's missing.



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Hi ftoffolon-san "Konnitiwa"

Thank you so much for your answer.

Finally, I find a way to activate own program on P5LP.

Need to activate PSoC4 chip, when wnat to enter P5LP working-mode (not boot-loading mode)

To set J13(ON) that is OK

So far, I find a interesting article of Bootloader

[ ]

This is Bootloader it self.

Thank you again.

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