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Pioneer kit - i/o pins most basic project to get started | Cypress Semiconductor

Pioneer kit - i/o pins most basic project to get started

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Dear fellow developers!

The concept of the  Psoc programming is rather new for me. For an introductory course on microcontrollers (@EE BSc) i had the chance to work with the pioneer kit vs 8bit AVR.


Well, what I need is a sample project, where i control a led on on the board, with the user button (NO PWM!).


If any of you could provide this .cydsn file, I'd very much appreciate your kindness!


Yours gergo

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The pioneer kit has an LED you can control with a simple

API to write to the pin, and a button. Already wired

to the PSOC 4 pin P0_7 is a button. So -


1) Place a debouncer component

2) Place a input pin (assign to P0_7), wire it to debouncer

3) Place output pin (assign to one of the leds), see inb attached pin chart

4) In a for(;;) { } loop using debouncer API read debouncer and

then write to pin (API in datasheet) depending on debouncer state.


Videos on basic tool here


Regards, Dana.

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