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one wire library

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recently i bought a PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042) board and i want to communicate with ds2431 which is a one wire  EEPROM chip which needs a one wire library.

is there a one wire soft ware library available with the psoc4 or hardware  method?


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Hi samk,

PSoC4,3,5 would not provide the One Wire Module, any longer.

But you can find it in PSoC1, Designer software.

Would you like to porting to your PSoC4?

When you open designer project, any psoc is OK, i.e Cy8C29466,

And place an one-wire-module and generate APIs.

So you can get module software from there.


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Maybe it will help you a little bit (reading ROM ds.... for PSoC3/5)

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Porting out of Designer may be a bit of a challenge as what you

will get is M8C ASM code, totally different than PSOC 3.


Might be better to search web for a C based bit banging solution,

and port that.


Regards, Dana.

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