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need source code and schematic to progKit for Cy8CKit-043 | Cypress Semiconductor

need source code and schematic to progKit for Cy8CKit-043

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I'm new to this wonder PSoc world and have multiple CY8CKIT-043 that I'm working with. At some point, I'll snap of the progKit. I'm hoping I can keep one progKit "as is" but re-purpose the extra ones.

I'm hoping someone can confirm the following. Imagine I've snapped off the progKits from a bunch of CY8CKIT-043 prototyping kits. I reserve one of them as my "master" progKit. I want to connect the spare progKits up to the "master" via their J7 connector. I'm hoping I can then re-program the spare progKits and use them for other projects.

In other words, can't my spare progKits be mini-prototyping platforms with their PSoC 5LP processors? I realize that there is limited IO on the progKit. However, I'm hoping I'll have enough IO for small projects.

Does anyone have a link to the source code to the progKit on the CY8CKIT-043 so I can learn more about it? I have found such source code for the CY8CKIT-042, which I've been able to rebuild.

Finally, where can I find a schematic for the full CY8CKIT-043? I've found pieces of the schematic in that protyping kit guide. It has a hardware chapter that has most of what I want. Because I've been looking at the source code to the progKit for the CY8CKIT-042, I see features like the ADC voltage monitoring circuit. I don't know it that logic applies to the CY8CKIT-043.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome in the forum!

Yes, you can use a KitProg as a stand-alone programming and debugging platform. The only downgrade when snapping it off : you are breaking two internal connections between UART Rx/Tx to the Kitprog which are used for a USB-UART bridge. You can re-connect those two lines when at need using the board/KitProg connectors.

You may get the source code from Cypress at request. At top of this page "Design Support -> Create a Support Case"

The information you need (documentation, schematics, examples...) are installed on your PC already when you installed the Prototype Kit's files from here. Search on your computer under C:\Programs (x86)\Cypress. You will find entries for every Kit you installed. The schematics are located under the Hardware-folder as PDFs.



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