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Multiple drivers for GPIO ports (Hardware and Software) | Cypress Semiconductor

Multiple drivers for GPIO ports (Hardware and Software)

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 Hello everyone, I have been doing some basic PSOC4 programmes and I found that when I am driving same GPIO pin(RGB LED) using a hardware connection and using API of the pin , once the API is used the Hardware drivig is not working properly.


For example if i am turning on the led by giving it as the output of a PWM module. And once I give LED_Write(0); API ,the led doesn't turn ON even if the hardware output becomes 0. This happens once i use the API before that it is working properly. Can any one explain why this happens?


thank you

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Have a look into the PSoC4 TRM capture 7. here to explain the structure of the pins.

So, what would you perform, which of the two sources shal "win"m the port written or the digital signal? What do you expect to happen when they are different?



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I think whats happeneing is that LED_Write() sets the IO-Matrix so that the pin is used as GPIO, and not as fixed-function output anymore. That means that the PWM has no access to it anymore.

If you want to force LED to an on-state via API, use the stop/kill functionality of the PWM. (together with inverted outputs)

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You can look at the module .lst file and determine what the function actually

does. Not too difficult for simple components.


Regards, Dana.

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