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Millis() arduino function alternatetive for psoc4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Millis() arduino function alternatetive for psoc4

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 I’m trying to figure out how to get delta time in a loop. How can this be done? Should I use a timer? I tried to just have an interrupt fired with known clock frequency but think I have to many interrupts firing and there conflicting?

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What is your delta-time? Is it a interval time of events?

I think, you would be measure time-span by the Timer

It is better rather than "interrupt fired with known clock frequency"

The PSoC/ARM M0 architecture allows Multi-interruptions,

Good coded interrupts will get work.

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Just flip a pin at beginning and end of loop, and observe with a scope. Thats typically a low

burden instruction.


Regards, Dana.

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Or use a free-running counter, and use its capture function.

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 you could start a timer at the beggining of the program with an apropiate clock source and leave it running then check its value inside the millis() function

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