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looking to find available digital resources. | Cypress Semiconductor

looking to find available digital resources.

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On the component data sheet, under resources, it lists how many Datapath cells, Macrocells, Statuscells, Control cells, DMA Channels, and Interrupts.


I am trying to find where the list of how many of each of the resources are available for a project, so I can decide the best balance or if a project is even possible.  Which document is it listed in, and where please?





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Chuck when in PSOC Creator 3.3 just click on the resource window. It will give you all the information on the resources.  You can also look in the results tab in the left side of PSOC Creator   and open the rpt for the design and it is all in there!!

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The device page for the device you are using, on the Cypress website, lists whats available.

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There is a resource meter in Creator 3.3, so you may see after a build how many resources are still free.



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