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I need to connect an external sensor on to the baseboard(CY8CKIT-042-BLE).I need some steps to create project and work according to the LM35 sensor.The LM35 sensor works with Vcc of +5V and and gives output as analog output.I need some guide to create projects and get familiar with the PSoC 4.I need some guide for the architecture level and schematic level.We are unable to understand where to configure the analog pins on to the baseboard.



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The answer to all your whishes is: Creator 4.0

Download and install Creator. From Creator's start page you will find a "Getting started" entra with videos, examples etc.



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Hi Srujani,

Could you please go through this example project.( ) The project is based on CY8CKIT-059. But this should be helpful.


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