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Internal short?

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I'm  new in Psoc and  maybe my question is funny, but I get 3pcs of CY8CKIT-049-42xx with the first one I build a small car with 2 dc motors and couple of sensors so the car can navigate arround. Now i'm trying to make a controller for 3 phase DC motor. I made it with P-MOSFET 's but when I try it  the PSOC IC burn. I check all conections everything looked fine, but for any case I separate the hole electronics from the PSOC with optocouplers and try it again, but the result was the same . I check again all connections and everything looks ok.

My question is : Is it possible to be created a such programming code, witch can couse internal short ? I'm using PSOC Creator the latest version.

Thank you and please excuse me for my English.

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Double post by accident. Please follow up here:



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