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I did the Getting Stared AN now What? | Cypress Semiconductor

I did the Getting Stared AN now What?

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I did the getting started AN but now what's the next step in order to have a better understanding the PSoC 4.

Maybe I'm some lost on my own path to learn but I would like to create a simple APP using BLE to share data. should I create a private custom profile?

So, what videos/articles do you recommend to me? I'm a absolutely a beginner.

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Welcome in the forum!

A PSoC4 BLE consists basically of three different parts:

  1. An ARM M0 CPU to be programmed in C-language (NOT C++)
  2. A bunch of hardware listed under "Components" which you may place onto the "Topdesign" sheet, need to be wired and connected.
  3. A BLE radio configured in Creator and programmed using the BLE-stack routines.

Evolve for yourself  where you have to brush-up your knowledge.

There is a blog containing several different examples using BLE



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Javier Please check out these videos. Just click the box on the bottom of the main page were it says Cypress Video library. check the picture below/

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