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How to reconfigure ADC after changing IMO clock | Cypress Semiconductor

How to reconfigure ADC after changing IMO clock

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The project I am working uses ADC and demands a power save mode AND a high speed mode.

After change the clock (I am doing this through IMO reconfiguration) the ADC reads all inputs as full scale.

Is there a way to reconfigure the ADC's clock or change between the "high speed mode" and the "power save mode" without change the ADC configuration?

I am using CY8C4125.



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Welcome in the forum, Marcus.

There are some ways to reconfigure a component, including the ADC. Excerpt from datasheet:

If reinitialization of the component is required, then the ADC_Init() function can be called before the ADC_Start() or ADC_Enable() functions.

Another way is to use ADC_Sleep() and ADC_Wakeup() to save and restore ADC configuration.




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Hi Marcus,

Do you wish to change the frequency of ADC only? Then you may select external clock option from the ADC gui and connect a clock module. You can use Clock_SetDividerRegister() API to modifiy the clock frequency dynamically.

Or do you wish to change the clock to the whole system dynamically ??

Best Regards,
Vasanth R S


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