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How to mount 5-pin Molex-KK debug connector on CY8CKIT-049 board? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to mount 5-pin Molex-KK debug connector on CY8CKIT-049 board?

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The following concerns the investigation of how to mount a 5-pin Molex-KK connector on the CY8CKIT-049 board (which is NOT well documented).


1) On page 66, section A.2 of the "CY8CKIT-049-4xx, PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit Guide" (RevC) shows a picture of the MiniProg3 debugger connected to the CY8CKIT-049 board, but the text doesn't recommend the connector nor state the part number(s).  Also it doesn't show how to mount the straight version of the Molex-KK connector.


I found the Molex part numbers on page 17 in section 3.2.1 of the "MiniProg3 User Guide" (RevE), which is Molex 22-05-3051 (5-pin Molex-KK right-angle male header) and matches the header shown on page 66 of the CY8CKIT-049 manual.  The Molex 22-23-2051 straight header can also be used (which is what I did), but a custom cable would be required to prevent the CY8CKIT-049 from falling over if the MiniProg3 is used.


2) On page 17, section 3.2.1 of the "MiniProg3 User Guide" (RevE) shows a drawing of the connector, but the text is vague about which drawing is the male and female side of the connector, also the description of the view of the pins is vague too.  After searching user manuals for other Cypress boards, I finally determined the drawing on the right is the Molex-KK vertical male header while looking down onto a PCB.

I determined which side the "back wall" of the Molex-KK vertical male header faced on page 15 section 3.2 of the "CY3268 PowerPSoC Lighting Starter Kit Guide" (RevD) and page 21 section 4.1 of "CY3236A Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor Evaluation Kit Guide" (RevA).

3) Answering my original question of how to mount the 2 types of Molex-KK connectors on the CY8CKIT-049 board...
3A) Right-Angle Molex-KK Header. The photo on page 66 of the CY8CKIT-049 board shows the MiniProg3 in a horizontal position, which means the Molex-KK must be right angle, and since the MiniProg3 is away from the board, then its obvious the Molex-KK pins point away from the CY8CKIT-049 board.
3B) Straight (Vertical) Molex-KK Header. Per my answer in #2 above, the photo of page 15 section 3.2 of the "CY3268 PowerPSoC Lighting Starter Kit Guide" (RevD) clearly shows which side the "back wall" faces.  The "back wall" of the Molex-KK vertical header is closest to the center of the board on the CY8CKIT-049 board.

4) Summary to Cypress.  The documentation for the CY8CKIT-049 board and MiniProg1/3/4 should be expanded to make it more obvious how to mount the two different versions of Molex-KK headers.  Photos of each type of Molex-KK in a Target-PCB should taken at a shallow 20 to 30 degree angle above the table top without any programmer attached should be used to clarify the examples.  Each photo should clearly show eitehr silkscreen or photoshopped text labeling each pin to make it obvious how the header is mounted on the PCB.

A Cypress PSoC newbie shouldn't have to dig through various manuals to determine this information!
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Consider filing a CASE, just show link to this post. That

should get forwarded on to folks and get the docs reved.

Excellent investigation by the way.






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To create a technical or issue case at Cypress -


“Technical Support”

“Create a Case”


You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.


Regards, Dana.

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Dear Steve Meirowsky here is the part number for the programmer socket it is a Digikey part number is S1112EC-05-ND. It is not a molex connedtor just a right angle 5 pin header.  Here is a great way to get some good info at this website.  on this board

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Steve Meirowsky you can also use one Cy8Ckit-049 to program another one.  See this App note.

Using the CY8CKIT-049 to Program Another PSoC® 4 - KBA93541

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