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How to make PSoc4 reset itself | Cypress Semiconductor

How to make PSoc4 reset itself

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Is there anyway to have the logic blocks in a PSoc4 generate some form of hardware reset? I am using a PSoc 4200L as a keyboard controller for a project and I'd like to add a special key board combo that will trigger a (fail safe) reset if held for 4 seconds. To make this as solid as possible, I'd like to do the key detecting and counting as a logic block to be resilient to bugs in the software. Is there anyway to let the output of a logic block generate a reset? Would it be ok to route the logic block to a pin and then route the pin to XRES or should I add an external reset circuitry that makes sure to keep XRES low longer than the port output?

Are there any other ideas how this could be handled?

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What bugs? Software reset is simpler

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That implies that the software is still running and doing what it should _or_ that the watchdog reset has not broken down. Bugs = mistakes in our code. Since the code is in software, bugs are guaranteed ;)

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I think you should put more effort in writing bug-free software than  designing new hardware components.

By the way: The watchdog timer is hardware.



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You could design a reset block and route its output to XRES pin. It is totally fine to route the output to a digital output pin and connect it to XRES. Otherwise you can generate an interrupt based on the designed logic block and call CySoftwareReset(); as Odissey said.


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