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How to implement touchpad? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to implement touchpad?

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Hi, I want to use touchpad or button matrix to detect presence of object on a plane.

The design guide and component datasheet have few information about this.

So how could I set up a button matrix? How to physically connect each sensor widget? Is there any more detailed description about this component?

I attached my project with Tuner. 

PS: I often get I2C communication fail problem, any one knows why is that?



Good luck.



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Have you checked these Documents

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Hi Song,

1) You can find the layout files of the Cypress track pad shield from the following link. Please download "trackpad shield design files" from the link below which will give you the idea to build the layout for the trackpad.

2) For implementing the button matrix please go the link below and download "CY3280_Board_design_files" to get an idea on layout design for button matrix. We recommend you to use CapSense CSX for implementing button matrix.

Thanks and Regards,




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