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How do I program a new PSoC4 chip? | Cypress Semiconductor

How do I program a new PSoC4 chip?

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Hello all,


I have the PSoC 4 Pioneer Development Kit.  If I develop a program using the devlopment kit and then want to load that program into another chip, one that isn't soldered to the development kit, how do I do that?

I believe the chip in the development board is a:   CY8C4124AXI-443

So if I bought more of just the chips how do I program them?

I can't use my development board since the original chip is soldered in, how do I do it?


Thank you,

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As for every programmable device you will need a programmer. Onto your Pioneer board there is one already integrated, it is a PSoC5LP chip, neatly programmed.

So you have3 got several different choices:

-Hack your Pioneer board and use it as a programmer 

- Use a commercial chip programmer. That is the most universal but most expensive solution. This is able to program individual unsoldered chips.

- Get a MiniProg3 and provide your new board with a 5-pin connector for the programmer




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You just need to disable the on-board chip U2  in CY8CKIT-042 (connecting contact XRES   to the ground ).
see the attached picture below.



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