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FX2LP-based PSoC4 programmer? | Cypress Semiconductor

FX2LP-based PSoC4 programmer?

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This is more or less a cross-post from

I have an FX2LP breakout board, and I can program it with the DVK5_simfw firmware found in the PSoC Programmer installation. I can detect and program PSoC5LP devices with this setup without any trouble. I am now trying to repeat my success with the PSoC4245AXI-483.

The DVK5_simfw firmware does not seem to be able to detect the PSoC4, and I've taken some time to try the other firmware files found in the same directory but have not yet been successful.

Is there an FX2LP firmware file I can use to program PSoC42xx devices with an FX2LP? The Pioneer4 uses a PSoC5LP to program/debug the PSoC4, which seems like quite a waste. Is there a technical reason why an FX2LP can't act as a USB-SWD bridge for a PSoC4 but can for a PSoC5LP?


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The DVK firmware does not work for PSOC4 devices. I have an opensource project at which works with PSOC4, but is not compatible with the Cypress programmer interface.

It uses custom PC software, which is also part of the project. It does the job withouth the fancy UI.

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is compiled binary for fx2lp and pc side available?

it's a problem nowdays to get visual studio express for windows xp.

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