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I thought I succeed to finish my project which generates a calibrated pulse train;

Unfortunately the pulse was not correct : It has to start on the rising edge of a clock a stay high during a fixed period.....

  • When done with Edge Detector it starts correctly but the width is not constant.
  • When done with Pulse Converter the width is correct but it doesn't start correctly.
  • When done with a Counter I got the following error : "Resource limit: Maximum number of Datapath Cells exceeded (max=4, needed=6)."

Why is is not possible to have a simple monostable in the Component Catalog ?

I though my project was so simple, I will have to do it by coding only...

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You can use Timer component: feed your start signal to trig input and get monostable from tc similar to picture attached. Just remove ControlReg and ISR. You may find more ideas for monostable in my collection of 1-shot timers project here:

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Hello Odissey1,

Thank for this information I will test it


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