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Fractional Clock Dividers with PSoC 4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Fractional Clock Dividers with PSoC 4

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A very interesting feature for PSOC4, just wondering what application could be used beside the UART that's being mentioned.


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 Hi, all

Perfect solution for USART external clock when using "round" external oscillators e. g. TCXO 40.000000 MHz. 

For PSoC4 clock 40 MHz, oversampling 12 and 115200 Baudrate the fractional divider is 20 + 30/32 = 1.382 MHz



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Hello. Thanks for this post, I look the link from sensei and it was an excellent explanation about the fractional resources. another interesting topic is

best regards,

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Another thing to be noted here.The fractional divider is restricted only to digital clocks and not applicable to analog clocks(like ACLK of SAR ADC).

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