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First-50 Projects on Pioneer Kit

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Hello folks,

some of you may have seen the "100 projects in 100 days" promotion that is currently ongoing on, where we are releasing 1 new example project daily, targetted to the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit + arduino sheilds, adapter boards, sensors, etc... 

We just reached the half-way point (first 50 projects) and I wanted to highlight those here.

Please goto to see and download all these projects!


First-50 Summary


I wanted to recap and summarize what we have done so far. In our first 50 projects we’ve showcased the flexibility and mixed-signal interoperability of the PSoC 4. The projects have included:


  • Starter Designs – simple projects to get you started with the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit
  • Digital Designs – Numerous digital designs across many applications
    • LED Control
    • Digital Sensors
    • Motor control and Robotics
    • PWMs
    • Audio
  • Analog Designs
    • ADC examples showcasing the powerful SARADC on the PSoC 4
  • Communication Designs, including
    • Wired – SPI, UART, I2C, Ethernet
    • Wireless – Xbee, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Display Designs, including
    • 7 Segment display
    • Graphics LCD display
    • Character LCD display
  • Touch Sensing Designs, including
    • CapSense (capacitive touch)
    • Proximity (capacitive proximity)
    • Resistive touch


Whats in store for the Next-50?


Over the coming weeks we will be releasing even more projects detailing specific features of the PSoC 4 and providing more complex examples. The following list is an example of those projects:


  • More LED Control designs (LED Blinky!)
  • More digital and analog sensors
  • More analog-heavy designs, using the OpAmps, Comparators and other on-chip Analog resources
  • More complex designs – complete systems, similar to the ‘Android Phone Controlled Robot


What would you like to see?


As we move through the last 50 project we would love to hear from the community on projects they would like to see, shields they would like to see used, and applications that we might have missed. Please post those comments below and we will look into scheduling those examples for the future.


Download all of the first-50 Projects


In the post below I’ve provided you two downloads. The first download includes the text from the forum post for each example (DOC and PDF), the example projects, and project images. The second download is simply the text for the forum post (DOC and PDF).



Please feel free to download the first 50 examples, copy them to your computer, make a torrent and start seeding, make CDs and pass them out to your friends, or give them away as early Christmas gifts.


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