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Emulated EEPROM on 4200M (?) | Cypress Semiconductor

Emulated EEPROM on 4200M (?)

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I use the CY8CKIT-043 board with CY8C4247AZI-M485 (4200M) chip on it.

In the datasheet of 4200M family it's written (on page 5) " Part of the flash module can be used to emulate EEPROM operation if required."

But there is no Emulated EEPROM component in the list (PSoC Creator  3.3 CP3)

So can I use this component on CY8C4247AZI-M485 chip or not?


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Hi Michael,

We are sorry to say that PSoC 4200M series doesn't support the emulated EEPROM component.

If you want to do so, you have to use flash APIs.

Thanks and Regards,


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I will ask the same question about the PSoC 4200L series.

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