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Difference between UART_UartInit and UART_BCP_Init? | Cypress Semiconductor

Difference between UART_UartInit and UART_BCP_Init?

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Using a PSOC4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042) I see uart activity on J4.2 (P0_5) only when initialized via:

UART_Start();   UART_UartPutString("Hello\r\n");

but not when initialized via:

UART_BCP_Start(); UART_BCP_SpiUartPutArray("Hello\r\n", strnlen("Hello\r\n", 6)) 
The hardware SCB design is the same in both cases (.cysch file and .cydwr), so the only difference is the software uart initialization files used (UART_BCP_UART.c vs UART_UART.c).

Why does only the non-BCP work?







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When it really is the same hardware / schematic, the UART_Start() and UART_BCP_Start() reference different UART components. That means only one of them is what you think it is.

Can you provide the full project so we can have a look?

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My schematic only instantiates an SCB, so after some more digging, it looks like the BCP (Bridge Control Panel) is an interface that uses the CY3240 chipset via an I2c link thru the PSOC5.

However, looking at the Pioneer Kit, I don't see this chip..  is the CY3240 emulated in the PSOC5?   Is the source code available for thie PSOC5 on the Pioneer Kit, I can't seem to find it anywhere.





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BCP is a Cypress softwase used for interfacing the I2C bridge in -001, -030 and -050 development kits. The KitProg in the -042, -042 BLE, -044 and -059 Kits have got internally an UART bridge which connects directly to a terminal program like PuTTY.

So there is no chance for you to "program a BCP". As you can see you are using an SCB block configured (and named!) as UART.



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