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Did I destroy the bootloader part? | Cypress Semiconductor

Did I destroy the bootloader part?

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hi folks please help me.

My psoc4 device is not recognized as com port device after writing (bootloadable) program.

My device is CY8CKIT-049-4245. Last program contains one PWMunit and sysclock.

First I make it as non bootloadable program and add "Bootloadable" later. After uploading

it works well (as I intended). But I modified program and tried to write, I find the device is only

recognized as only "USB-Serial  (Single channel)vendor  MFG"(BlueLED is on- off fast)

What shall I do for this phenomina? I use PSOC Creator 3.2.

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Welcome in the forum.


Relax: The Bootloader is protected against overwriting it with a bootloadable program. I would suggest you to

restart your PC

start BootLoader Host program

insert prototype board with switch pressed

check com-port popping up in BLHost-program

Checking baud rate 15200



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Thank you for your kind advice, Bob

This morning I start hostPC and find my device recognized as Comport,

as you said. So I can upload new programs and check. Thank you.

The next question. I want to change register value such as Compare, Period

in running program. So I use PWM_1_SetCompare(uint32), but it looks like

ignored. Should I use some Magic word (PWM_1_Init(), etc..)?




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I cannot find the SetCompare() function in either SCB PWM or UDB PWM,

are you sure it should not be WriteCompare() ?


Which PWM are you using, which version of Creator ?


Consider posting your project -


“File”                                                             Creator

“Create Workspace Bundle”


Regards, Dana.

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As a general rule of thumb:

  • Components have to be started
  • Components may be stopped and started again
  • Components may be sent to sleep and awoken again
  • For every component there is a very detailed datasheet listing among others all the APIs
  • A component paced onto the schematic gets a name given by the system. Change that name to your needs. Every API for this component is preceded with Name_



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