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Definition of "PSoC"

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for my thesis I do need a clean definition of PSoC devices, apart from company slang. Which I could not really find in the web.

Is it correct to roughly define PSoCs as a combination of a (more or less standard) microcontroller with attached FPGA (digital blocks) and FPAA (analog blocks), and sometimes further peripherals (BLE), integrated in one package and functional unit?



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Correct, nearly-

There is no true FPGA or FPAA inside the PSoCs but pre-fabricated building blocks that can be modified and adjusted programatically. For instance: the PSoC5 contains 24 UDBs each with 2 FIFOs, some PLD logic and an 8-bit wide programmable ALU. These UDBs are commonly used to build many of the ready-made components and allow the user to build their own ones.

The analog parts usually are not programmable, but the specs can be adjusted to the requirements.



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The analog parts are highly configurable in their electrical properties and

configuration. They are not "gate" level configurable like ASIC, they are

not built out of standard cell but rather specific circuitry design goals with

respect to their properties.


Some of the configurability of analog peripherals are


1) Power

2) Gain

3) Drive

4) GBW

5) Performance

6) Routing


Regards, Dana.

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Perfect, this is exactly what I needed!

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