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"The data does not match expected value" - Bootloader Host error - CY8CKIT-049-42xx | Cypress Semiconductor

"The data does not match expected value" - Bootloader Host error - CY8CKIT-049-42xx

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I was working with the above-mentioned kit and I succeeded a few times into downloading the firmware onto the board.

Then suddenly Bootloader Host started complaining. What does that error message actually mean?

The settings inside BH are 115200, 8, 1, None.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers using USBDeview and they were reinstalled correctly just after connecting the board. 

I have PSoC Creator 4.0 on Windows XP SP3; it runs inside VirtualBox on Mac OS X El Capitan.

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PSoC Creator 4.0 doesn't work on XP at all. 

In 2017 we shall be discontinuing support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in PSoC Creator. Microsoft has discontinued support for these Windows platforms and is not maintaining compatibility with them in the .NET framework. PSoC Creator support shall be maintained fully for all public releases in 2016 and early 2017 but the first major feature-based release shall discontinue support entirely.

We constantly seek to improve PSoC Creator by adding new features and improving the user interface. Increasingly, the latter is becoming difficult because older Windows platforms cannot support the new versions of .NET that we need to use in order to keep the interface modern, intuitive and reliable. We are discontinuing support for the older platforms so that we can take advantage of new technologies and continue to improve our product.

Note that this change does NOT apply to PSoC Programmer. There is no plan to discontinue support for Windows Vista or Windows XP in that product.

My experience is that it works with XP sporadically. I loved my XP machine but had to give it up and switch to Windows 10 and this was back in PSoC Creator 3.2. Update your operating system and it should fix your issues.

As you suggested, I will try to use Windows 10.

Anyway, since the compilation process completed successfully and Bootloader Host seems to work correctly, what is the actual meaning of the error message? Does it come from he bootloader on the board? 

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Hi Paolino,

What was the exact error statement in bootloader host? You haven't specified that anywhere !


As I wrote on the title, the error message I was getting was "The data does not match expected value", without any specific error code.

Anyway, after the suggestion to try on Windows 10, I did, without success.

Today, after some weeks without touching the board, I tried again. Apparently, even if I haven't changed anything, now the uploading procedure succeeds.

I really do not know what happened, since even on Windows 10 I tried several times but I could never make it work.

I hope it will continue to function correctly.

Thank you for your time.

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I have this issue too. Bootloader Host shows the following message when I try to bootload the code example project (Bootloadable Blinking LED) onto the kit:


12:19:00 AM - Selected device: USB Serial Port (COM3) - UART
Generic Serial Port

12:19:01 AM - program Started

12:19:02 AM - The data does not match expected value.

12:19:02 AM - program failed in 224 ms.


This worked for the past few days, I'm not sure what changed today.

I'm running PSoC Creator 3.3 in Windows 8 (in VirtualBox).


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