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cyelftool.exe question

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How do you clear this error: 

Error: flash row: 254 is either already used or does not exist.

The command 'cyelftool.exe' failed with exit code '1'.


Can you objdump the elf file and find how much memory is available.  My resource meter shows memory as 99.9% full.



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Can you attach the project so that we can reproduce this issue and update you?



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I found using objdump that cybootloader, text, eh_frame, and rodata sections, added up to more than the available flash (0-7f80)


(0x8000 - 0x80)=32k flash - 128 byte section (for meta data)  = 0x7f80.  


I removed non-essential code and and the error went away.

If this is the case, the resource meter in PSoC Creator should use 0x7f80 as maxmem.

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