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CyBle_ProcessEvents() in a FreeRTOS Task | Cypress Semiconductor

CyBle_ProcessEvents() in a FreeRTOS Task

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Hello Community,

i´m trying to use the "BLE stack" that is provided with PSoC Creator as static library in a FreeRTOS Task.

My first idea was to call "CyBle_ProcessEvents()" in the Idle Task, but this trail was not successful.

Now, i have created a FreeRTOS Task for the processing of the BLE stack api´s, but this isn´t working as expected too.


The task that processes the BLE stack api´s is at highest priority and it is the only task at this priority.

Also the BLE_bless_isr is at the highest priority.

The problem occurs in the call "CyBle_ProcessEvents()".


Du you have any ideas what i do wrong or why it isn´t possible to call the api´s of the BLE stack static libraries within a FreeRTOS Task?


Because the BLE library is static, i can´t debug it with the debugger.


I have attached the files for the FreeRTOS Task.


Thanks in advance

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Can you attach your full project? Is the device advertising at-least ? What is the exact issue you are facing at the BLE layer? Also, did you try increasing the task stack size?

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Yes, the device is advertising at least. But i can see it only with the CySmart Android App on my Smartphone, if i want to pair my smartphone with the device i get always an error.

With the CySmart version for Windows and the BLE dongle of the CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit i can´t find it anymore.

Other PSoC Creator BLE examples are working perfectly.


I have created some debug output over UART and only CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON and CYBLE_EVT_GAPP_ADVERTISEMENT_START_STOP get processed.


I also have an additional FreeRTOS Task that prints out the stack high water mark. Yes i have increased the task stack size.


Here is my complete project workspace. I have disabled some code of my Display and NFC-Controller with macros.

Don´t be confused.


Thanks in advance.

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