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CY8CKIT-042 debugging in eclipse | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-042 debugging in eclipse

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Hi all,

it is possible to debug the CY8CKIT-042 pioneer kit within eclipse without the J-Link debugger?



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Welcome in the forum!

Debugging the Pioneer Kit is usually done with the Creator IDE and the integrated bridge PSoC4 <-> PSoC5 Bridge <-> USB

So Jlink seems to be the only other debug-connection suitable for Pioneer and eclipse.



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Thank you for your answert.

So the only debugger that work with eclipse at the moment is the JLink? Correct?


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 Yes. You need a J-Link debug probe to debug the imported project in Eclipse. You can refer 

Debug Flow within Eclipse in PSoC Creator Help. (Help-> PSoC Creator Help Topics -> Debug Flow within Eclipse )

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