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CY8C4013 misbehaves at 16MHz | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8C4013 misbehaves at 16MHz

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I've got one of the little SOIC-8 PSoCs on a breadboard and a simple program to blink a LED. When the IMO is configured to 24MHz and HFCLK as /2, it blinks. However, when IMO is 32MHz (still with HFCLK at /2), the core crashes randomly for reasons that I don't understand.

Are these parts *really* good for 16MHz as the datasheet claims?

Are there other configurations I need to do in order to make 16MHz work?

My setup has the PSoC on a SOIC breakout board with the recommended decoupling. I'm using a Segger J-Link to flash the thing and power for the PSoC is coming from pin 19 on the J-Link (~5V).

Suggestions appreciated,


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Just a suggestion, if you have a DSO look at supply rails using

infinite persistence, or set trigger to Vdd + .7 and Vss - .7, and

evaluate noise. Caps look pretty poor at 16 Mhz, look at cap

datasheet you are using (for the ceramic) to see what its ESR

looks like at frequency.


Regards, Dana.

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Probing the power rails didn't turn up anything obvious, but I did discover that when I power the breadboard from an actual power supply (as opposed to the J-Link) the code runs normally. For now, I'll chalk it up to putting the circuit on a breadboard with untrimmed through-hole caps for decoupling (i.e., leads 1-inch or more) and long jumper wires for everything else.

Thanks for suggestion though--that's what caused me to fiddle with the setup.

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