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Connecting SPI over port 4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Connecting SPI over port 4

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The error that I am getting is the following:

ERROR: M0145 '(the pin)' P4 cannot be used for routed connections.

We are trying to use the entire port four to run our SPI on the PSoC 4. In the datasheet it says that SPI works for this port but when we try to implement it in PSoC creator, it is giving us that error.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

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Hi tylerjaywilson

What kind of SPI did you use?

Which SPI_Master or SPI(SCB mode)?

I guess it was SPI_Master.

In PSoC4, Usual SPI module can't assign to dedicated Pins.

Besides, SPI(SCB mode) must assign to dedicated Pins.

That shows pin assignment dialog in Blue print.

Data sheet of SPI(SCB mode) say


The interface specific pins are buried inside component because

these pins use dedicated connections and are not routable as general purpose signals.

See the I/O System section in chip Technical Reference Manual (TRM)

for more information.



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In the TRM the following is stated -


7.17 Restrictions on Port 4

Port 4 does not have a dedicated port-adapter (Port Adapter Block on page 161). Therefore, none of the port 4 pins can be
routed through the DSI. However, port 4 pins can still be used as a firmware pin, LCD_COM, LCD_SEG or can be connected
to the SCB block through the HSIOM.


Regards, Dana.

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