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config for uart_spi_i2c

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 Hi everyone!

I am designing  for a project  about UART,SPI and I2C.

when I conneted some Pin of UART, SPI, and I2C then build project in psoc creater 3.0.

In my project have a Notes:

" Unused pieces of the design have been optimized out. See the Tech mapping section of the report file for details."

What impact has not ?

this is my project. Please see my project and config pin in file .cydwr

Please help me, thank so much!


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What you get is just a note. The optimizing process was able to reduce some of the component's resources, you may ignore the note in this case.

A common error during an early design stage is not to connect a pin to an output of a component. This can lead to a complete optimize-out of a component since it is obviously not used...



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 Thank Bob

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