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Color sensor suggestion

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I am trying to make my robot recognize objects by color and separate them. 

I am using the robotic arm (OWI 535) together with my Psoc 4 kit. Though I am not sure which color sensor I should use. Any suggestions and tips will be appreciated.


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Avago makes a number of them. I would contact their local

sales office to see which ones they will support over the lifetime

of your design.


Regards, Dana.

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Mary22 I buit a device years ago that was called a coiorimeter it used a  CDS and photo filters to determine colors of chemicals in solution you could use the same ideal and make use a CDS and a filter aragement as the CDS parts are very cheap around a dollar and run the outout in to the ADC and measure the values.  "You could then calibrate it for the colors you where looking for.


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I have used most of the i2c RGB sensors from TAOS(AMS)

I get them from Digikey

Maxim, Intersil have some RGB sensors as well

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