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Clocking issue - 4245AXI | Cypress Semiconductor

Clocking issue - 4245AXI

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I'm having an issue where the set clock on one of my 4245AXI in 44TQFP does not match the actual clock. When the system clock is set to 48MHz and a pin set to generate a 1MHz clock, the micro only generates a 290KHz clock. When the system clock is set to 14MHz, a 973KHz clock is generated and when system clock is set to 5MHz a 2.69MHz signal is generated. So it seems the internal main oscillator is stuck at 13.5MHz. 

When I run the same code on another 4245AXI on cy8ckit dev board, it generates 1MHz no issue. So I believe the microcontroller hardware is faulty. 

The problematic microcontoller is on a PCB I designed, I was wondering if this was a common issue? 


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Consider posting your project, makes life easier to troubleshoot.


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Regards, Dana.

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