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Capsense SmartSense over 10pF range? | Cypress Semiconductor

Capsense SmartSense over 10pF range?

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I'm trying to measure a capacitive 'button' that changes by around 10pF between no-touch and full-contact scenarios.  I would like to be able to quantify intermediate values as well (so being able to measure 25%, 50% or 75% of full-contact by reading capacitance values between the no-touch and the touch limits).


My issue is that I would like to use the SmartSense to do this because the manual settings seem to be less reliable; however, I can't get a large enough range in SmartSense mode.  Even with the sensitivity at 10, I easily saturate the sensor when changing from no-touch to touch. 


Is there any way to lower the sensitivity (increase the range) even more in the SmartSense mode?  I would like to have the full-contact at around 80% of the max sensor value (around 200 for 8-bit sensor).




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Hello Dillon,

It is not possible do this feature in smart sense For this, manual tuning is required. Smart sense automatically sets the base line as 85% of the full scale reading. It is not possible to adjust the base line using Smartsense. It can be done using manual tuning.


Ramesh B 

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