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CAN Bus for Automotive Communication | Cypress Semiconductor

CAN Bus for Automotive Communication

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I'm looking at this shield for the PSOC 4 development kit:

​It says that it is mainly for automotive applications, but there are no sample projects that I could find that related directly to automotive applications. Does anyone know if there are any sample projects for an actual automotive application? Specifically for pulling information such as speed, RPMs, etc... from the OBD-II port through CAN from a vehicle?

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Cypress Employee
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Hi K.Hale,

You can find CAN example projects ( in these links. They are  using CY8CKIT-026 kit in which you are interested. I am afraid there are no application specific example codes as you asked. But I think you can start developing them at your end, and come back here to solve doubts. The forum community will help you.

Happy Designing,


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