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Basic Analog inputs

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 Hey Guys I'm coming from a basic arduino Uno and was wondering how I would be able to get a analog input and display it using a Serial output (already know how to get that to work). Right now the issue is that I have a basic moisture sensor (YWROBOT moisture sensor) and any attempts are worthless on my part

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Would be helpful when you post a link to your sensor's datasheet. Within a PSoC4 are OPAmps for signal conditioning that could help you.



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For starters, look at this example from "100 projects in 100 days" initiative: "thermistor example". It does basically what you want - take an ADC reading and send it to the UART. You just need to remove the thermistor handling / temperature conversion (except when your sensor happens to be a thermistor, of course :).

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Are you using DHT11 sensor, it requires a One Wire interface ?


Google "bit bang one wire" and there is code base out there to use a GPIO

pin on various processors to implement interface that you could possibly port.


Regards, Dana.

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