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Analog routing problem PSoC 4 (CY8CKIT-049-42xx) | Cypress Semiconductor

Analog routing problem PSoC 4 (CY8CKIT-049-42xx)

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I am begginer to PSoC and i ran into problem while mapping a circuit on analog pins. What i want to do is to have capacitors and resistors connected between pins and be able to change them freely while the circuit mapping is programmed by the kit.

I have done some researching and what I found:

  1. (page 200). Might this be the problem? As it is limited in comparison with PSOC 5 specifications? (page 275)
    If that is completely out of theme can you show me where can i found out how this is working
  2. in that thread they are solving something which occurs similiar to me. With hardawre mux.

I am also providing the project zipped.

Thanks for every help.

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Compared to the PSoC5 ($10) the routing capabilities of the PSoC4 ($1) are a bit limited. The "Any signal to any output" is not realized within the PSoC4.

You may try to change the design using a CY8C5888 (remove bootloader and change project type from "bootloadable" to "normal", unlocking the pins) and you'll se: It fits.



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Solved the problem.
It did not make me happy. So i have to use different kit.

Thanks for help

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It seems to me you are doing a low freq filter, that you want to tune

in some manner ? Consider an IIR approach, its simple in code,

tunable, more accurate than analog approach.


If you could describe a little more of what functionality is desired this might help,

and keep you in PSOC 4.


Regards, Dana.

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