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16x2 LCD PIONEER KIT SHIELD | Cypress Semiconductor


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After purchasing three Pioneer kits (early summer) I needed a better way to quickly prototype projects. This included having an LCD display and a breadboard similar to lot of the Cypress Kits like the CY310-PSoC EVAL1.

I produce 12 PCB for personal use. The PCB layout uses a separate voltage regulator, 16x2 LCD module using theHD44780 5V controller with lack light, and jumpers to select several ways to connect power.

The shields can be configured to use a breadboard or wire wrap terminals.

I’ve had no problems with LCD issues as indicated in thread CY8CKIT-042 PSoC 'ES'. The shield works with the LUMEX LCM SO 1602DSR/A LCD module (used in Cypress kits) with no back light. However, I have not tried it with a 3.3V module using the SPLC780D controller. That particular controller uses an extra 8 pin IC soldered on the back of the LCD board.  Data sheets indicate that the SPLC780D controller is compatible with the HD44780. However, the power up timing/initialization may be different.

See attached file of shield with breadboard.

James B

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Thank you, Nice Pix

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 looks good. May be you can post the PCB design for other to use as well. 

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