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RTOS implementatio in PSOC3 | Cypress Semiconductor

RTOS implementatio in PSOC3

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Hey guys,

I want to implent a simple rtos in a psoc3. Can anyone suggest me what are the best resources that I have to go through learn that.

And also I want to download microkernel for psoc3 can anyone suggest me where can i get it from.

Note : I am a newbie to this.  

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Welcome in the forum. Please avoid duplicate posts.

I cannot recommend writing an RTOS for a PSoC3. The underlying CPU core is the 8051 which was designd about 40 years ago. Is is a bit old-fashioned and has got a stack of only 256 bytes.

Instead I would suggest you to get hands on a CY8CKIT-043 and try writing an RTOS for an ARM M0 CPU.



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